Tempus Two Varietal Shiraz 750mL

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Shake up your wine experience with Tempus Two Varietal Shiraz. Crafted with passion, this shiraz red wine offers a captivating fusion of luscious ripe berries, soft tannins, and a well-balanced palate.

The interplay of fruit-forward notes and delicate savory oak nuances creates a harmonious symphony on your palate. Whether enjoyed on its own, for cooking or in a sangria, this bold red wine promises an enriching experience.

Uncover a world of flavour with Tempus Two wines.

Tasting Notes

Luscious ripe berry flavours, with soft tannins and good palate length and weight. Savory oak nicely balances the ripe berry flavours, leading to a lingering and rewarding finish.

Product Details

Varietal Shiraz
Alcohol By Volume 13
Standard Drinks 7.7
Closure Screwcap
Region New South Wales

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