Tempus Two Varietal Cabernet Merlot 750mL

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Indulge with Tempus Two Varietal Cabernet Merlot, a harmonious blend sourced from South Australia's vineyards.

Crafted under optimal conditions, it offers a flavoursome, balanced cabernet wine and the unmistakable merlot red colour. With French oak fermentation at cooler temperatures, vibrant fruit flavours shine through, creating an elegant, soft Cab Merlot – a perfect fruity red wine.

Notes of blackberry and spiced fruit characters intertwine, balanced by generous weight and a lingering sweet oak finish, making it the perfect wine for gifting, for festive occasions or for cooking.

Uncover a world of flavour with Tempus Two wines.

Tasting Notes

An elegant, soft Cabernet Merlot, with blackberry and spiced fruit characters, generous weight, and good length of flavour. A lingering sweet oak finish shows good structure and complexity.

Product Details

Liquor Style Fun & Fruity Reds
Varietal Caberlot Merlot
Alcohol By Volume 12
Standard Drinks 7.1
Closure Screw cap
Region New South Wales
Bottled in 2019

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