Purina One Adult Hairball With Chicken In Gravy Wet Cat Food 70g

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A complete nutrition & taste duo mixed feeding with Purina One Dry & Wet.
Created by experts, PURINA ONEĀ® Dry & Wet provide all the essential nutrition for your cat while delivering a variety of taste and textures she will love.

- Developed by Purina Nutritional Scientists. 
- Cat food only.
- Supports a healthy skin & a beautiful coat with Omega-6 fatty acids.
- Helps minimize hairball formation, supported by fibre.
- Helps limit excessive shedding through key nutrients, such as Vitamin B2 & B6.

No added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Purina One Hairball for Adult 1+ Years with succulent chicken in gravy for quality protein and great taste.


Meat (chicken, beef, and poultry); cereal protein; minerals, vitamins and amino acids; plant fibre; poultry oil; thickeners; various sugars and non artificial colour.

Storage Instructions

To be stored in a cool, dry place.