Coopers Dry 3.5% Can Carton 24 x 375mL

$48.99 each


Coopers Dry 3.5 delivers on the promise of refreshment in a low carb mid-strength beer. The beer is fine filtered a clean, crisp taste with thirst quenching drinkability all while being low in carbs and calories. The refreshing citrus palate combined with subtle floral aromas allows this beer to be a versitile option to suit many occasions. Only 1 standard drink, 3g carbs and 90 calories per can.



Tasting Notes

Delicately crafted and slowly fermented using Coopers pilsner malt, this mid-strength low carb lager has a refreshing palate with a gentle mouthfeel and a clean, crisp finish

Product Details

Liquor Style Mid Strength
Alcohol By Volume 3.5000000000000004%
Standard Drinks 1
Closure Can Closure
Region South Australia
Bottled in Regency Park